Final Mile Delivery

Final mile delivery, also known as last mile delivery, refers to the final stage of the delivery process where shipments are transported from a warehouse or storage facility to their final destination, which can be a business or residence. This portion of the delivery cycle is called the “final mile” because it is the last and most critical segment of the supply chain.

Air Van understands how important our Florida/Georgia final mile delivery is because it is often the point at which the customer interacts directly with the delivery service provider.  This is also the stage in the delivery process where the most significant logistics challenges arise. These include navigating through urban traffic, accessing gated communities, and making sure products are delivered on time and to the correct location. As e-commerce continues to become a major part of how consumers order goods, and there is ever increasing demand for same day and next day delivery, Air Van’s final mile delivery has become a key area of focus.

How Can Air Van’s Final Mile Delivery Service in Florida/Georgia Help Your Business

Our last mile delivery services include local pick up and delivery, expedited same day service, airport recovery, 2-man delivery teams, and white glove service.