Shifted Loads

A shifted load in trucking refers to a situation where the cargo being transported on a truck, shifts from its original position and moves to a different part of the truck, often as a result of sudden braking, acceleration, or turning.  A shifted load can create significant safety hazards for the driver, other motorists, and the cargo itself.

When a load shifts, it can cause the truck to become unstable, or even tip over, potentially causing a serious accident. The shifting of cargo can also damage the truck and the cargo itself, causing delays, revenue loss, and liability issues for the carrier and the shipper.

To prevent shifted loads, trucking companies must ensure that the cargo is properly secured and balanced before it is transported.

This involves using appropriate equipment, such as straps, chains, and braces, to secure the cargo and prevent it from moving during transport. In addition, drivers must be trained to recognize signs of an unstable load and take appropriate measures to avoid accidents.

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