Local Logistics Company Air Van, Inc. Has Acquired G&C Cartage Co. Inc.,Gaining Additional Market Share and Expanding Service Offerings.

[Jacksonville, Fla.] – Air Van, Inc., a Jacksonville-based third-party logistics company (3PL) has acquired G & C Cartage Co., Inc., a longtime, family-owned logistics provider that has accommodated area commercial transportation services since 1971. The acquisition of the business along with the physical building and warehouse space located at 6801 W. 12th Street, Jacksonville, FL 32254, will further broaden Air Van’s array of offerings enabling them to service a more expansive business population.

Air Van, Inc. is excited to announce the recent deal made with the President and CEO of G & C Cartage Co. Inc., Jeremiah Stokes, who has been a part of leadership since 2021. In his time with the firm that specialized in warehousing, transportation, and shipping coordination, Stokes successfully grew the business by procuring over $300K in new client agreements, retaining 100% of employee jobs throughout overhauling processes, and doubling the company’s net profit within a two-year span, all while reducing costs by 36%. These achievements helped make G & C Cartage Co., Inc. an attractive prospect with a great location, featuring over 35,000 square feet of warehousing, for Air Van, Inc.’s plans for growth. The new purchase is perfectly suited to meet the growing needs of import and domestic services.

In a market that has experienced drastic changes and uncertainty since the pandemic, the goal is to expand offerings and become the most efficient and reliable resource for customers. And offering reliable service starts with cultivating the right team to ensure the company doesn’t miss a beat. President and CEO of Air Van, Inc., Ike Sherlock, credits his employees (“the people”) with being the unique asset of the company that fosters successful relationships. In an interview with The Buzz early last year, Sherlock refers to staff as “the secret sauce,” crediting the skills, talent, and experience of team members.

Air Van, Inc. is dedicated to improving market flow and ensuring efficient “Final Mile Delivery” – the crucial process of transporting goods from warehouses to their destination, reducing costs, enhancing efficiency, and streamlining supply chain operations for businesses. This business acquisition will allow the company to further expand on an already thriving business model ensuring customers are receiving first in class 3PL services all under one roof.